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Sunday Classic Comedy: Terry and June #17 – S03 E04 – Terry Scott, June Whitfield – Friends and Neighbours


June wants Terry to help in the garden but Terry refuses as it is Sunday. Their attractive new neighbour Cynthia Hunter (Jo Rowbottom) arrives wanting help to move paving slabs and Terry is only too willing to lend a hand. Later, June goes round to remind Terry that they have guests about to arrive and finds him in a compromising position with Cynthia. When Malcolm and Beattie arrive they are also in the middle of a row. June tries to reason with Malcolm while Terry tries to calm Beattie which leads to her leaving Malcolm. Days later Malcolm demands that Terry arrange a date with Cynthia which leads June to find Terry in another compromising position. On returning home, Terry attempts to get Malcolm to explain the situation to June, but discovers that Malcolm and Beattie are reconciled which prevents Malcolm from exonerating Terry. June eventually believes Terry and all ends wel



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