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Mediawatch: Broken Estate: an expat expert surveys our media


RNZ Mediawatch – Colin Peacock had an interesting piece on 08-09-2019 about NZ Media and the changes underway.

At the start of the segment was an exchange between Duncan Garner and Jacinda Ardern. Ardern came off as a know nothing platitude mouthing politician.

Much of the segment covered the views of Mel Bunce

Melanie Bunce cut her teeth in journalism at the Otago Daily Times. Now she teaches and researches it at one of the UK’s most prestigious journalism schools and tracks the trends that shape the uncertain future of news. What state are our media in now – and what do they need to survive and prosper? MORE AT LINK

and in conclusion

So what are the main things the government and the media industry must to do preserve and protect journalism in a market that supports less and less of it?

“If you were starting from scratch you would build something nationwide with multi-media capacity and hopefully not a strong commercially-focused culture,” she said.

“Two ideas already floated have potential. One is doing something different with TVNZ1 and maybe making it non-commercial. The other is expanding RNZ. We also need to think hard about where the audience is and where they want to get (journalism),” she said.

“We also need to focus on exactly where the market is failing – and that might not not be ad-hoc funding for feature journalism because we already have that,” she said.

“You can paint in the detail, but in the end it’s about resources and really well-trained journalists,” she said.    MORE AT LINK



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