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Radio Atlantic: Andrew Yang’s Campaign Against the Coming Dystopia



Andrew Yang joins Isaac Dovere on the trail in Iowa. Yang’s campaign started as a long-shot from a first-time politician, but he’s found a following. His message about the bleak future technology’s bringing to America (and his plan to give everyone $1000 a month) has led to an enormous online fandom — one that’s actually translating into poll numbers and dollars.

Unlike many more traditional candidates, he’s already qualified for the next Democratic debates. So, what does his campaign say about today’s politics? Is it fatalistic or just realistic? And what does success look like for him?


The Pull of Andrew Yang’s Pessimism

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa—The Best Western Holiday Lodge off Route 18 in northern Iowa feels like the right place to talk about how maybe it’s too late. Accept it, deal with it, Andrew Yang tells me, but try to make the best of it, and maybe we’ll even get somewhere decent along the way. But there’s no “patching the dam,” as he put it. “The world has changed; the world is changing. We can’t put the genie back in the bottle, try as we might or wish as we might,” he told me. “We have to start dealing with the world as it is.” MORE AT LINK

This was an interesting podcast.

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