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NY Times – Caliphate – a podcast: E6 – Paper Trail – May 24, 2018


Nick Quah – Vulture writes

The New York Times’ first serialized audio documentary is essential listening, full stop. Driven by Times foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi and “Radiolab” alum Andy Mills, Caliphate grapples with many of the fundamental questions surrounding the withering, persistent conflict against terrorism that continues to consume the wider world. How does a person become radicalized? What is the dark appeal of the Islamic State? Who are we fighting, truly? But beyond its excellent reporting is also an immaculate production, one that’s grounded in a surprisingly cinematic sensibility that takes furious advantage of the mind’s eye. There is no greater expression of this than the manner in which Caliphate is bookended: The podcast features an exceptionally strong opening sequence that immediately pulls you into its world, and an ending that’s quiet, delicate, and fully aware that terrorism is a story that’s far from over.

This episode

“Something was off.” Rukmini’s doubt fuels a quest to uncover the truth.


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