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John Armstrong’s description of KiwiBuild – The KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ #6


In his September 06 column John Armstrong took a hard look at KiwiBuild.

I rather liked this view of the policy

The problem with KiwiBuild is not so much its target. The problem with KiwiBuild is KiwiBuild.

The policy never had a hope in Hades of meeting a target which Megan Woods, the country’s Housing Minister of all of 10 weeks, has described as “overly ambitious”.

That phrase was carefully chosen. The deployment of such a euphemism avoided Woods being seen to be heaping guilt and shame upon Phil Twyford, her already humiliated predecessor in the housing portfolio.

In politico-speak, however, “overly ambitious” translates as something akin to “fundamentally flawed” or “hopelessly hapless”.Woods’ verdict on the target could be summed up by two other words — “mission impossible”.

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