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More on Labour’s problem – XIV: ‘Storm surrounding Labour showing no sign of abating’ – Willie Jackson says it was a good week


Well Mr Jackson if this was a ‘good’ week, what does a bad week look like.

From RNZ Morning Report- report by Jane Patterson talking to Susie Ferguson.

If I understand what Jane Patterson is saying, the QC’s Terms of Reference might be not as broad as one would expect.

The Labour Party has faced a battering this week over its handling of sexual assault accusations levelled at a Labour Party staffer. and the storm surrounding Labour is showing no sign of abating even after the resignation of the man at its centre, Jane Patterson joins us

Based on what I heard here, I suspect we may not get resolution from the lawyer’s report. It may be constrained by the ToR.

What we did get from this report though was confirmation that Labour took substantial flak this week, but still some media tiptoe around Ardern and her role. Though some criticism seems to be focused on Grant Robertson now.






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