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More on Labour’s problem – XV: ‘It doesn’t end here’ – complainant


So much for Willie Jackson’s absurd claim on Friday’s AM Show that this was a ‘good’ week for Labour.

This ‘good’ week included Newshub running a piece by Duncan Garner suggesting Ardern might have to resign over this sordid mess. Yep, a mighty good week,is that not so,eh Willie

From RNZ Checkpoint – report by Craig McCulloch

interestingly this report points out,much as Jane Patterson did earlier, that the Terms of Reference for the much hyped QC’s review still have not been settled. Yet it is now 5 weeks since the decision was made to bring in a QC.  Is it that some in Labour just want a narrow review to act as a figleaf to cover up their appalling behaviour?

Based on what I heard here, I am now really concerned that we will see not a lot from the lawyer’s report. Plus, I suspect we will see a lot on process, lot’s of meaningless words and little actual substance and progress.

To cap things off in this ‘good’ week Helen Clark was lending a hand to shore up Ardern. Clark even trotted out her mantra of moving on.

Now we know definitively that it was a ‘good’ week for Ardern and Labour.






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