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Saturday Night at the Movies


A varied selection this evening with some excellent actors

1 Four Faces West 1948 – Joel McCrea, Frances Dee & Charles Bickford


Four Faces West is a 1948 Western film starring Joel McCrea, his real-life wife Frances Dee, and Charles Bickford. It is based on the novel Pasó por aquí by Eugene Manlove Rhodes. Its plot concerns a down-on-his-luck cowboy who robs a bank. For its genre the film is unusual in that not a single shot is ever fired.

Ross McEwen quietly robs a bank in the New Mexico town of Santa Maria, taking the banker Frenger with him, then letting him go a few miles away, minus boots but with an I.O.U. for the $2000 he has taken.

When he gets back to town, Frenger offers a reward of $3000, dead or alive. Pat Garrett, the new marshal, warns the bounty hunters against unnecessary shooting, particularly in the back. McEwen is bitten by a rattlesnake before he can board a train, where he is helped by a passenger, nurse Fay Hollister. MORE AT LINK

The posse stop the train and search it, but quick thinking on McEwen’s part (masquerading as the sleeping Hollister’s husband, complete with fake baby) and a vague description of the robber save the wanted man. However, Monte Marquez, a gambler passenger, observes and overhears enough to figure out what McEwen has done.

2 Down Among the Big Boys (2006) -Billy Connolly, Douglas Henshall, Alex Norton


Set in Glasgow, Louie, the detective son of an upright police sergeant, is about to marry. His intended is the daughter of JoJo (Connolly), a wealthy and compulsive thief who attempts a spectacular robbery. Louie is put in charge of the investigation of JoJo’s latest enterprise. JoJo learns of his peril and begins an exercise in risk management.

3 Things to Come 1936 – HG Wells – Ralph Richardson,Raymond Massey,Edward Chapman,Cedric Hardwicke


Things to Come (also known in promotional material as H. G. Wells’ Things to Come) is a 1936 British black-and-white science fiction film from United Artists, produced by Alexander Korda, directed by William Cameron Menzies, and written by H. G. Wells. The film stars Raymond Massey, Ralph Richardson, Cedric Hardwicke, Pearl Argyle, and Margaretta Scott.

The dialogue and plot were devised by H. G. Wells as “a new story” meant to display the “social and political forces and possibilities” that he had outlined in his 1933 story The Shape of Things to Come, a work he considered less a novel than a “discussion” in fictional form that presented itself as the notes of a 22nd-century diplomat.[2] The film was also influenced by previous works, including his 1897 story “A Story of the Days to Come” and his 1931 work on society and economics, The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind; speculating on the future had been a stock-in-trade for Wells ever since The Time Machine (1895).[citation needed] The cultural historian Christopher Frayling called Things to Come “a landmark in cinematic design” MORE AT LINK

4 Judgement (1990) – Keith Carradine,Blythe Danner,David Strathairn, Bob Gunton,Jack Warden


“No one stands beyond the reach of the law, not even the Church.”

The sexual abuse of minors by priests is the delicate issue to be handled by Peter and Emmeline Guitry, devout Catholics whose lives are shattered when their son Robbie reveals that he has been sexually abused by their priest, Father Frank Aubert. Along with other parents in the parish, they begin a persistent but painful campaign to remove Aubert from the clergy, and have him prosecuted as a sex offender. The Catholic Church attempts to cover up the abuse and place Aubert back in the parish, causing a nationally publicized lawsuit. MORE AT LINK

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