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Tweet for Today: Clare Curran attacks RNZ for running an Opinion piece critical of Ardern


RNZ runs an Opinion column by right wing political commentator Brigitte Morten on its website. Morten has written opinion pieces for the website previously and been a substitute for Matthew Hooton on Nine To Noon.

This column was one which looked at the sex scandal engulfing Labour and was critical of Ardern.

So what do we see on Twitter

Let us remember just why Ardern buddy Curran is no longer a Minister! She lied!

Given this Tweet we should all be grateful that she is no longer Broadcasting Minister as this comment by Curran suggests that if she had her way the media,especially State owned media, or media in receipt of state funds, would only report news that the government approved of and all Opinion columns would be from one perspective only.

Curran’s Tweet was just one of many from left wing Twitter users seeking to drown out reality regarding this Labour fiasco.

I suspect Labour is very worried about how this issue is playing out.

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