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More on Labour’s problem – XVII: Who is this Labour Party, Batman?


Reading the various articles in the media the last few days, listening to broadcast commentary I have been struck by how often Labour politicians and some in the media, plus Labour’s social media supporters speak of the Labour Party as some distant, remote entity.

Indeed,one could be forgiven on occasion for wondering why Ardern et al were being queried at all, until reality bites and you remember:

  • Ardern is Labour Party Leader
  • Ardern and other MPs serve on the Labour Party Council
  • The Labour Party President attends Labour’s Parlimentary Caucus meetings
  • The Labour Party determines MP and candidate list rankings
  • The Labour Party has great influence over who is selected as a Parliamentary candidate
  • Labour MPs have been party activists for many years and are often closely enmeshed with aspects of the party organisation

Therefore, to seek to distance themselves from the Party they belong to, usually they have belonged for many years and whose ‘values’ they espouse is disingenuous at best and downright deceitful if one is honest.

Their membership and activism suggests they have a predisposition in many instances to consider the needs of the party before anything else.

This is a truism that applies to many people with strong beliefs across the political spectrum and beyond.

However, in this instance I would suggest Labour’s members and supporters remember Jacinda Ardern’s UN Speech in 2018 – #MeToo is #WeToo

Additionally they would do well to take on board these words from Tracy Watkins SST Editorial of 15 September 2019 – Labour’s House of Pain

Many of the party faithful will find it hard to swallow that Labour has failed to walk the talk on an issue so core to its – and Ardern’s identity.

But the only place they should be pointing the finger is at themselves.

There is the nub, it is the members both rank and file that are the Labour Party. To effect change, they must themselves change. But,do they have the will to do that?

Or, are they just happy to talk in cliches rather than actually do anything.

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