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RNZ – Nine To Noon: Political commentators Hooton & Williams – on what else, but Labour’s problem


RNZ Nine To Noonpolitical commentators Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams

A look at the fallout regarding how Labour party officials and senior politicians have responded to allegations against a former staffer, ranging from bullying to serious sexual allegations.

Interesting that this week Mike Williams is paired with Matthew Hooton

As I expected the major topic was the political firestorm engulfing Labour.

Hooton led off and went straight into the credibility issue!

Mike Williams tried to defend Ardern  and sought to deflect and indeed sought to defend Haworth as well. Intriguingly, Kathryn Ryan was somewhat antagonistic to what Williams said. Williams was another one who focused on semantics and sought to make ponytail equivalencies.

I felt rather sorry for Mike Williams who was floundering in his attempts to defend Ardern and Haworth.

Based on what I heard I think things are likely to get worse for Ardern and Labour.


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