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‘Lipstick on a very dirty,smelly pig’ – Some thoughts on Ardern’s Monday announcements – More on Labour’s problem – XXI


I have now watched and listened to these several times, the RNZ Checkpoint clip.

I have listened as well to Jane Patterson’s report on Monday evenings Checkpoint.

Again I am reminded of John Armstrong’s recent comment

Ardern is vulnerable to the charge that a fair chunk of what she utters is political flannel. She is exceptionally good at making the meaningless sound meaningful.

This thought is reinforced for me, when you read the Newshub report and view the clip on their website.

Overall it sounded reasonable, but on examination and consideration it is full of holes and actually does not really say very much.

The failure to release ToR for the QC, the lack of ToR for the review of Kensington Swan’s work, the non release of the ToR for Kensington Swan’s work, the non release of who will undertake the third party review, the lack of commitment to release even key findings and the failure to clearly state that all parties involved will be within the ambit of the reviews – provides reason for major concern.

A further cause for concern is that the review by the third party will be limited to a paper based review only. A constraint and potentially a major one. This means that the question of conversations and undocumented meetings and the recollections who said what to whom and when and who else was present, are unlikely to be properly explored.

Labour have failed again. Indeed, there are signs of a counter offensive against the complainants, of which more later.

So, I am of the view that what was announced was as I foresaw in my post – Ardern’s star has come to earth with an almighty bump – we see as I wrote then

I suspect that what we will see, if we see anything, is fluff, puff and figleaves. In other words lipstick will be applied to a very dirty pig, but it will still be a dirty pig.

In fact a very dirty, smelly pig.

  1. Lynda permalink
    18/09/2019 17:27

    Our PM is fundamentally a good woman. The best. I am sure that a lot cannot be revealed because of confidentiality agreements. She will navigate her way through this and do the right thing because she has principles.


  2. Jualez Whare permalink
    18/09/2019 05:19

    Lol… haters gon hate! But keep up the awesome work Prime Minister JD!


  3. Jenifer Macdonald permalink
    17/09/2019 12:17

    To me this should be passed as hate mail and should b taken off. Also what BFD also that is more hate is worse than what the other oneLOOK AT THAT ONE TO PLEASE. I HOPE OUR PM DOES NOT READ THIS. ARE YOU A NATIONAL PARTY SUPPORTE R because they are capable of that. ABBOSULITY DISGUSTING.. DOING PRIME MINISTER IS


    • Spencer permalink
      17/09/2019 13:45

      I hope she does read it. I hope she realises how incompetently she has handled this whole affair.

      I hope she and, the fat controller, both loose their heads



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