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‘Much spinning underway’ – More on Labour’s problem – XXII


Earlier I commented that there signs of a pushback from within Labour. One of the first signs, to me at any rate, was the approach taken by Mike Williams on Nine To Noon yesterday

Matthew Hooton tweeted about an alternative scenario being pushed by some in Auckland – here is the thread – unrolled using Thread Reader

1. There is an alternative narrative being put around by people in the Auckland @NZLabour Party that should be put on the record. It is basically that outlined by Mike Williams on @ninetonoon yesterday. Basically, it says “Sarah” is a fantasist. The process was perfectly ok.

2. Sarah was given ample opportunity to make her allegations but did not. She was even happy with the outcome. But then she came under the influence of some others and the story later released via @TheSpinoffTV emerged.

3. Under this scenario, @jacindaardern’s mistake was to rely on and believe a confidential @TheSpinoffTV source rather than her most senior @nzlabour officials. Her decision to get rid of Nigel Haworth was at the best premature and at worst gratuitous, but certainly unfair.

4. She has now put in place processes that will either have to back up Sarah’s story or will show her to have treated Nigel Haworth and the rest of the panel disgracefully. So it’s a mess whatever the facts turn out to be. Interesting take. /end

PS. This account would also be bad for the credibility of @paulabennettmp, and that of a number of journalists and commentators, including me.

One of the interesting things here is the criticism Hooton received for posting this. All he was doing was putting out what he had heard. Even more interesting s that the criticism seemed to be both from pro and anti foreces. A clear case of shooting the messenger.

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