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On upset Ardern supporters


On Monday in a post – The Tribal Left and their nonsense – I commented on the behaviour of the Tribal Left and that for some of them, they had great difficulty in coming to grips with the reality of what had happened in recent times within NZ Labour.

My precise comments were

People like Mr Keith and many others are not facing the reality that the shining star in their political firmament has fallen to earth and been found wanting. Until they can come to terms with that and the toxic culture which appears to exist within their party and the related hypocrisy then the situation will not improve.

The issue is not with commentators, but with the Labour Party and it’s members, enablers and supporters.

As I have written elsewhere Labour should be saying to itself

We have met the enemy, it is us

Then in another,later post – Lipstick on a very dirty,smelly pig – based upon statements by Ms Ardern and commentary from RNZ and Newhub, all of which were referenced I made various points none of which were personal about what I saw as some of Labour’s failings in this matter.

Thus I attracted attention, it would seem, from an angry Ardern supporter who posted this as a comment on my post.

Jenifer Macdonald permalink
17/09/2019 12:17

To me this should be passed as hate mail and should b taken off. Also what BFD also that is more hate is worse than what the other oneLOOK AT THAT ONE TO PLEASE. I HOPE OUR PM DOES NOT READ THIS. ARE YOU A NATIONAL PARTY SUPPORTE R because they are capable of that. ABBOSULITY DISGUSTING.. DOING PRIME MINISTER IS

The comment is an incoherent rant

As far a I am concerned this further corroborates the point I made in the first post of mine that I referenced above.


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