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John Simpson’s World Podcast:#1 – Why Are We Here…?


About this episode: 1. Why Are We Here…? Introducing John Simpson’s World Podcast

Why is John Simpson is doing a podcast? Why he is not doing it with the BBC? On this episode John (and producer Lisa Francesca Nand) introduce the podcast, what topics we’re going to cover in Season 1, some of the amazing guests we have lined up for Season 2, namedrop everyone John’s met from Castro to Saddam Hussein and have the pleasure of hearing John say naughty words he can’t usually get away with (don’t listen with small children in ear shot). Welcome to John Simpson’s World! You’re going to love it.MORE AT LINK

About this podcast

Foreign correspondent and world affairs editor John Simpson has risked life and limb reporting for the BBC for over 52 years. The Tiananmen Square massacre, Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Bosnia – you name it he was there. He’s been punched by a UK Prime Minister, bombed by US ‘friendly fire’, watched Saddam Hussein’s execution and whilst experimenting with some hallucinogenic offerings in the deepest Amazon was once hugged by a six foot goldfish wearing sunglasses. On season 1 of John Simpson’s World John and producer Lisa Francesca Nand talk about the biggest issues facing the world right now with warmth, humour and a just little bit of bad language. Not afraid of an opinion, John Simpson, on this completely independent podcast, can (and indeed does) say and do whatever he likes. Join John and select guests for lively conversation and much more on the unmissable John Simpson’s World. Produced by Lisa Francesca Nand Edited by Alex George

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