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Jazz in the Night: Tuba Skinny @ Jazz aux Sources, Châtel-Guyon, Casino, May 19th, 2018, First part of the 1st set.



This is the first footage in a string of 3 of a hot jazzy session with Tuba Skinny in the very crowded foyer of the Casino @ Jazz aux Sources, Châtel-Guyon, France, May 19th, 2018. Tuba Skinny stayed for three days of their European Tour in this charming old, little spa town; their first appearance was well received, to say the least. People in the audience were standing almost on top of each other, The room was jam-packed. Eventually it got impossible to stay in this position for filming, due to dancers obscuring the view, next part will be shot sitting on the floor at the band’s feet. We must Thank TS for allowing us to go that close, just watch part 2 & 3 (coming soon)! Later on we will share another version, another angle. Here it is a hand-held SONY HandyCam HDR-XR520VE in FH quality.


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