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Letters to the Editor – Some are not impressed!


NZ Herald – 18 September 2019

Labour inquiry

So the world’s most transparent and inclusive PM has announced (Herald, September 17) the Labour Party’s lawyers have completed a piece of work, and confronted these issues with pride and inclusivity, which they will hand over to a third-party reviewer who will establish a statement of facts around the party process based on documents to avoid having to engage in multiple processes and enable comment.

Further to all this, she will appoint a victims advocate to establish systems and processes to include proactive work on organisational competence and victimcentred processes.

Further to this, she announces she will confront these issues to establish a clear path forward, hold two conference calls on establishing processes focused on hearing substance.

Without doubt, all this will then go to a working group who will consult with the advisory board then to the counselling panel who will then consult with iwi and report to the action group.

If you could bottle this stuff you could fuel the entire transport industry.

Rod Kane, Henderson.

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