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WWI in Color: #5/7 – Mayhem on the Eastern Front



“Between the trenches are any amount of dead and decomposing bodies of our own men and Turks lying on the heather. The smell is awful.- CAPTAIN GUY NIGHTINGALE THE WAR ON THE EASTERN FRONT WOULD RESHAPE THE MAP OF EUROPE FOREVER



World War 1 in Colour is a six-episode television documentary series recounting the major events of World War I narrated by Kenneth Branagh. The first of its six parts aired on 23 July 2003. The series consists of colourised footage, with the colour of the images having been enhanced by computer-aided technology.

The series investigates the development of warfare throughout the five years of World War 1 from all sides of the armed forces and also includes never before seen interviews from survivors of the Great War MORE AT LINK

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  1. 19/09/2019 12:47

    War is such a horrific thing


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