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Ihumātao back to haunt goverment


As I expected the Ihumātao issue has arrived back as a major issue in the lap of the government.

I foreshadowed some of the mess that is Ihumātao in my post here

RNZ had several items on this yesterday.

On Morning Report we had Winston Peters speaking with Susie Ferguson

Now Peters was to some extent his usual mix of bluster and obfuscation, but some of what he said made a degree of sense. But in reality he said a lot, but actually said very little, other than it’s a mess and there is no real solution in sight.

The segment did not deal with several key issues such as property rights,rule of law, binding nature of settlements etc, etc.

This issue will fester for a while yet.

And will be a major issue for the Ardern Regime of Incompetents

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