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Joolz Guides: Churchill’s Chair, Hats and Ancient Shops of St James – Splendid London Walks


Another of these fun, quirky videos

One of the many reasons I like these videos is that he visits so many places I used to know years ago. It is incredibly nostalgic and fun.

The area around St James Palace in London has many ancient shops and in this splendid walk The whole area is rich with London history.

There’s Lock and co. where they claim to have invented the bowler hat and Lobb where you can see the first Wellington boot.

Further along there is James Fox, where Winston Churchill shopped for over 50 years. You can even sit in his chair.

There are also many gentlemen’s clubs and narrow 17th century passages leading to old stables and a club where Jimi Hendrix met his girlfriend, also frequented by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Joolz also visits the hat shop where they made the hats for Indiana Jones, James Bond, Dr Who and Downton Abbey.

There is also a visit to the Red Lion pub which has the second oldest licence in London.

All this and more in this splendid London walk.

With music by Lil Lost Lou featuring Chris Tophill and Simon Goodall

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