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Shane Jones trivialised the sexual misconduct allegations – Labour’s Problem


Now I do not watch Breakfast mainly because I think Hayley Holt is a lightweight and John Campbell is even more irritating than Duncan Garner. However, I came across this on their website today

Paula Bennett who appeared alongside Shane Jones, NZ First, claimed

the Labour Party told complainants of alleged sexual assaults in the party not to go to police.

Now I do not propose to rehash the background to this , as I have covered it copiously over the last while.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has maintained that she was not aware of an allegation of a sexual nature until an article was published last week (Grow up One News and give credit to The Spinoff}. The Labour Party officials have consistently declared they were not advised of a sexual assault allegation during the in-house investigation.

However, the National deputy leader said five complainants came to her with allegations of sexual assault, and while she did try help them go to police, they chose not to.

“I certainly did put that to them and did offer to go with them [to the police],” Ms Bennett told TVNZ1’s Breakfast as she appeared on a panel alongside New Zealand First’s Shane Jones.

“I also did offer that I knew police quite well and could probably find someone that I thought would handle them with the due respect and the sensitivity that it needed, but that’s their call.

“And actually they’d been told by the Labour Party not to go to the police so that’s why they hadn’t earlier. And it’s their choice, it’s not mine.”

Ms Bennett said the complainants were told early on, “‘Let’s keep this internal and we’ll work through a process,’ and of course that didn’t happen for them”

So how did Shane Jones respond to Bennett’s claims

“I don’t know the circumstances,” he said, adding that the complainants will realise they “took a wrong turn going to Paula”.

First of course he followed the line of his leader by attacking and denigrating Ms Bennett.

Then he said he didn’t know any of the details, but still felt impelled to comment. Just like his Party Leader.

Then he went on:

“I say to any parent, if you’ve got a child who has suffered some criminal act, there’s only one place go – that is police.”

Now I have come to realise from my recent readings, that actually many victims find that very traumatising and that quite rationally, as they thought then, they turned to the Labour Party. So I disagree with Mr Jones.

But then we get to the key element and where I think Jones, was absolutely appalling.

Mr Jones claimed Ms Bennett has “catastrophised” the issue, adding he was “more worried about Spark, whether or not I can watch the World Cup Rugby than hearing any more about she said, he said.”


He was more worried about the rugby and was not interested in anything Bennett said.

That is appalling when Ardern has admitted there were serious allegations of serious misconduct. Ardern has set up two inquiries and involved serious legal firepower.

I find it hard to put into words my sense of anger and rage that Jones remark’s engendered in me.

The idea that a senior politician in this day and age can take such a dismissive attitude is dreadful.

When you couple that with the fact that this scandal has been played out in the full glare of the media spotlight and he maintains he knows nothing.

Outrageous, but what else would one expect from one of Winston’s MPs.

I wonder if Labour’s problem has now expanded to include the relationship with NZ first, or is Peters angling for something?

This tells you something as well about the attitudes of Peters and Jones

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