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Letters to the Editor


NZ Herald – 11 July 2019 – on EV Rebate scheme

In announcing her plans (Herald, July 9) to impose fees on petrol cars and give discounts on electric vehicles, Julie Anne Genter displays the mendacity and the lack of plain common sense that have characterised this government. There are plenty of honest reasons to promote electric vehicles without being misleading about the benefits of the rebates scheme. She makes it clear that the scheme will apply only to the purchase of newly registered vehicles yet she then attempts to suggest that the benefits apply throughout the life of the vehicle. She is conflating the rebate with the projected savings on fuel. In shaping the fees on petrol cars she wants to introduce a scheme that will be complex, difficult to assess by prospective buyers and require a whole new layer of otherwise unnecessary bureaucracy. Surely she should have a simple fee structure based on the cc capacity of the vehicle’s engine. That will be simple – no need for assessment by anybody as the manufacturer will already have stated the capacity of the engine.

Peter Newfield, Takapuna.

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