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Sunday Classic Comedy: Terry and June #19 – S03 E06 – Terry Scott, June Whitfield – In Sickness And In Health


Terry’s superior, Malcolm, who is due to go to a company seminar in Eastbourne starting on Monday, is struck down by flu, so company chairman Sir Dennis insists that Terry must go instead. Terry is delighted, viewing it as a free five-day holiday, but on the Friday night before the event he begins to develop the symptoms of flu. June advises him to call Sir Dennis and get someone else to take his place, but Terry is sure he can shake it off before they leave as he believes he has a much better constitution than Malcolm. After two days of being waited on in bed Terry is feeling much better, but by Sunday morning June has developed the same symptoms. Terry believes that if he looks after everything she will be sufficiently recovered to accompany him to Eastbourne the next day. They do make it to Eastbourne, albeit with Terry in a wheelchair having broken his leg by falling down the stairs while he was looking after June.



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