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Lunchtime Comedy: In Loving Memory – Thora Hird,Christopher Beeny – S02 E07 – The Fall of the House of Unsworth



In Loving Memory is a British period sitcom set in an undertakers business that starred Thora Hird and Christopher Beeny. A pilot with Marjorie Rhodes in the Thora Hird role was transmitted in 1969 by Thames Television, who rejected the idea before it was finally accepted by Yorkshire Television nearly 10 years later, where it ran for a further five series between 21 May 1979 and 27 March 1986.

The year is 1929 and in the opening episode Jeremiah Unsworth (Freddie Jones), the proprietor of the undertakers, dies. This leaves his widow Ivy (Thora Hird) and gormless nephew Billy (Christopher Beeny) to take over the business. As might be expected, the accident-prone Ivy and Billy have numerous mishaps, and hardly a funeral goes by without something untoward occurring. A running subplot is Billy’s pursuit of romance, often at the encouragement of Ernie Hadfield; this later ends with Billy’s marriage to old schoolfriend Mary Braithwaite – who had originally been set to marry Ernie.

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