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Home Front: 28 August 1914 – Dorothea Winwood


This Episode

Epic new drama series set in Great War Britain on this day a hundred years ago. Britain were victorious in their first naval battle and in Folkestone, there are tears at the Vicarage.

Written by: Shaun McKenna
Music: Matthew Strachan
Directed and produced by: Lucy Collingwood
Sound: Martha Littlehailes
Editor: Jessica Dromgoole.



About this series

Home Front is a ground-breaking new Radio Four radio drama – its biggest ever at around 600 episodes – set in Britain during the Great War, playing a central role in the BBC’s comprehensive offering to mark the centenaries of World War One.

An enthralling fiction, set against a backdrop of fact. Each episode is set a hundred years to the day before broadcast, and follows one character’s day. Together they create a mosaic of experience from a wide cross-section of British society, and a playful treasure hunt, with at least one historical truth hidden in each story.

Season One is set in Folkestone, a fashionable Edwardian seaside resort that quickly became one of the hubs of the military machine, and close enough to France to hear the fighting. Future seasons will be set in Newcastle and Devon, telling the major stories of wartime Britain.

Marking major and minor events of the time, Home Front charts the strategies that ordinary people found for managing life in wartime, and how, together, they ensured that the Home Front didn’t break down.

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