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Raffles – S01 E01 – The First Step with Anthony Valentine



About this episode

Bunny meets his old schoolmate Raffles, now a nationally famous cricketer, for the first time in many years at Raffles’ flat at the Albany. However, Bunny is drawn into a Baccarat game by Raffles’ other guests, and loses. After writing bad cheques to cover his losses, a desperate Bunny turns to Raffles for help. Raffles, who is himself hard-up, surprises Bunny by proposing that they burgle the wealthy family of one of the other guests, Alick Carruthers (played by Jeremy Clyde).

This episode is adapted from the first half of the short story “The Ides of March“, and from elements of “Out of Paradise” and “A Jubilee Present“. The title is a reference to the name of the unadapted story “Le Premier Pas“.

Cast members included Thorley Walters (as Lord Lochmaben), Jeremy Clyde, David Firth, and Susan Skipper. The director was Christopher Hodson



About the Series

Raffles is a 1977 television adaptation of the Raffles stories by E. W. Hornung.[1] Set in Victorian era London, it features the criminal adventures of gentleman thief A. J. Raffles, a renowned cricketer, and his friend, the eager but naive Harry ‘Bunny’ Manders, as they test their skills in relieving the wealthy of their valuables whilst avoiding detection, especially from Inspector Mackenzie.

The series was produced by Yorkshire Television and adapted by Philip Mackie.[2]

The episodes were largely faithful adaptations of the stories in the books, though occasionally two stories would be merged to create one episode, such as “The Gold Cup”, which featured elements from two short stories, “A Jubilee Present” and “The Criminologist’s Club”

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