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Jazz in the Night: Tuba Skinny – 2nd Set Andermos, France 27 July 2019


After a short break, a constellation of stars, Tuba Skinny, assembled for their second set. Eventually, Erika Lewis, joined in. The sudden change from very hot dry weather the day before, persisted into Saturday, July 27th, 2019, with rain and gloomy skies, in Andernos-les-Bains, France. It had been announced that rain might stop Tuba Skinny from performing in the open on Place du 14 Juillet, their only venue for the day. To the great relief of everybody, they showed up and gathered under a large parasol, escaping the rain, that now had turned into a light drizzle. The full accoustic set, videographed sitting on a tripod, while crouching under an umbrella squeezed between head and thigh, probably improved the sound quality, here for you to enjoy. Captured with a hand-held, SONY HandyCam, FDR-AX100, in FH quality mode. Tuba Skinny this time with: Shaye Cohn, leader, cornet; Craig Flory, clarinet; Barnabus Jones, trombone; Jason Lawrence, banjo; Max Bien Kahn, guitar; Todd Burdick sousaphone.

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