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Bombshell NZ First leak: Internal documents reveal party discontent


Jason Walls writes at Weekend Herald on a  major leak of NZ First documents

A raft of internal New Zealand First documents have been leaked to the media and the National Party, revealing internal discontent about the way the party ran the last election campaign and Coalition negotiations.

The documents include electorate meeting minutes, a formal complaint from several members in the Auckland branch about the way the election campaign was run, and email correspondence between NZ First’s Tracey Martin and a party member about Coalition negotiations.Winston Peters

The papers show some were critical of leader Winston Peters for planning legal action against National Party figures before Coalition negotiation began and questioned what impact that had on those talks.

It is a rare breach of the internal secrecy of the party and a blow to Peters.

This report comes shortly after NZ First Party President Lester Gary resigned both as Party President and a a NZ Party member as Matt Shand reported for Stuff

NZ First Party President Lester Gray has quit the party, citing his refusal to sign off financial reports for ‘moral’ reasons. 

A resignation letter reveals Gray took his stand against signing the party’s 2019 reports with a claim he has been kept in the dark over party expenditure and donations, leaving him unable to put his name to them with confidence.

The shock departure raises concerns about the internal financial arrangements of one of the government’s crucial coalition partners as election season looms in 2020.

Gray’s resignation comes two weeks before the NZ First annual conference in Christchurch and nominations for the president and board have been announced.

Hmm just what is going on in Winstonworld

Jason Walls also reported that

Members were upset Peters had filed to sue National over its alleged leaking of his Superannuation details a day before the 2017 election.

A member sought an explanation from Peters as to how true and fair the Coalition negotiations were, given Peters was in the process of suing National while attempting to hammer out a deal to be in Government.

Then he goes on referring to a response by Tracey Martin

In response, Martin said in an email she was “deeply disappointed” by the comments. “None of us were aware of the papers filed by the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters because that was his private business and nothing to do with the formation of a government. None of us, particularly the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, are that shallow.”

Clearly Martin is a Peters apologist and supporter.

Martin also appeared upset at the implication Peters conducted Coalition negotiations without seeking advice from his caucus.

She said she was “deeply offended” members questioned not only the character of Peters but had, by implication, suggested she, NZ First MPs and board members were puppets in the negotiations.

Many people would suggest that Martin was offended  by what many observers regard as the reality of life in NZ First.

Someone or some people are clearly very irritated by the direction NZ First has taken. It seems that Peters faces some serious dissension. No doubt he will be on  search and destroy mission.

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  1. 09/10/2019 16:18

    Imagine if National was government and this was written about its coalition partner – wouldn’t Labour and the Greens be calling for blood? But they haven’t said a word about NZ First.


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