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Shoestring – S02 E06 –




About the episode


About the Series

Shoestring is a British detective fiction drama series, set in an unnamed city in the west of England and filmed in Bristol, featuring the down-at-heel private detective Eddie Shoestring (Trevor Eve), who presents his own show on Radio West, a local radio station. Broadcast on BBC1 between 30 September 1979 and 21 December 1980, the programme lasted for two series featuring a total of 21 episodes. After the second series was broadcast, Eve decided not to return to the role, as he “wanted to diversify into theatre roles”. Subsequently, the production team began taking popular elements of the series and revising them into a new format, which was to be based in Jersey, and 1981 saw the first broadcast of Bergerac, a series starring John Nettles as the titular detective, who returns to work after a bad period in his life.MORE AT LINK

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