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New Statesman Podcast: Four Conferences


October 17,2019

On this week’s New Statesman Podcast, Stephen Bush and Ailbhe Rea have finally completely their conference marathon, returning from Aberdeen with tales of the Granite City, the SNP, and Richard Curtis. In You Ask Us, they tackle your questions about Boris Johnson’s deal and, finally, Ailbhe brings tidings from the candidates to fill John Bercow shoes as Speaker.



Source: 7 Best Podcasts On UK Politics

One of the most annoying things about being busy is I hardly ever feel like I have the time and space to sit down and read (so long as the words aren’t on my phone screen.) There’s so many awesome publications dedicated to news and comment on UK politics and The New Statesman is one of the best. In this podcast, political editor Stephen Bush and Helen Lewis are joined by a whole host of other guests and presenters to get to the bottom of what’s going on. A super easy listen and very chatty in tone, The New Statesman Podcast is the perfect companion to the gym if you want to work out your mind as well as your body.

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