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Times Red Box: How could Johnson lose the election?


23 October 2019

As the country gears up for some festive political fun, Matt Chorley asks YouGov’s Anthony Wells what could go wrong for the Tories, Rachel Sylvester discusses the tensions in Team Corbyn, and Gabriel Milland explains whether Dominic Cummings is a genius or a menace..

Source: 7 Best Podcasts On UK Politics

Have you ever wanted to hear exactly what goes on behind closed doors in Westminster from the people that work in UK politics? With the help of some seriously impressive guests Matt Chorley unveils exactly what’s gone on in the last week in politics. Joined by writers and columnists from The Times as well as former and current special advisors and politicians The Times Red Box Politics Podcast is an incredibly easy way to digest what’s going on in Westminster once a week.

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