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The Detail – a podcast from RNZ/ Newsroom: Is it time for New Zealand to push through anti-slavery laws?


Previously I posted a film from DW on the same topic DW: Farmhand or slave? – modern slavery in Italy

This post was preceded by another Detail Podcast  – Tomatoes,Refugees and Modern Slavery

A Podcast from RNZ and Newsroom

This Episode –  11 October 2019

The RNZ website notes:

It’s the staple in everyone’s pantry, from students on a budget to culinary masterminds.

However, Mandow was following up on a Guardian report where Ayo Awokoya went undercover to discover Italy’s tinned tomato industry is fortified by modern-day slavery.

The Newsroom reporter says modern consumers are generally wary of certain products – eggs, chicken, pork, cheap clothing – being associated with dodgy production methods.

“But it would never have occurred to me to think of Italy as being a place associated with cheap labour conditions.”

In the first part of The Detail’s podcast on slavery an the tomato industry, Awokoya talked to Sharon Brettkelly about the harsh conditions migrants are living and working in.

The Guardian investigation found despite these conditions, many of the farms are verified as having good labour practices



According to Newsroom,

Newsroom has been commissioned by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund to produce a new daily news podcast designed to explain the stories behind the headlines. 

Called ‘The Detail’, it aims to help listeners dive deeper into the big stories to help give an understanding of what’s really going on. We will pick out the news that matters and explain it in detail and in context.

The Detail will be fronted by journalists Sharon Brettkelly and Alex Ashton, and produced by Alexia Russell. We will be drawing on not only Newsroom’s award-winning journalists, but the best reporters from throughout the country; along with experts in their fields.


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