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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: Melanie Phillips: The Elite’s Anti-Brexit Coup & Left’s Anti-Semitism Prove I was Right to go Right


October 26,2019 upload

This was interesting


Melanie Phillips is one of Britain’s leading political journalists and cultural commentators, and as a champion of traditional Judeo-Christian culture and values, she is famed across the Anglosphere for her trenchant views.
The first person to ever address the New Culture Forum upon its foundation in 2006, Ms. Phillips has written at various times for The Mail, The Guardian, The Spectator, The Times, The Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Chronicle.

She is familiar to many in the UK from her appearances on BBC’s “Moral Maze”, “Question Time” and “Politics Live” and in the wider world as the author of numerous best-selling books, including “Londonistan” and most recently “Guardian Angel”.

In this interview with Peter Whittle she explains how Brexit has seen Parliament attempt a coup against the people. She comments on the defeatisim and lack of resolve in the west, which for too long has failed to stand up for itself. Brexit and some of the more palatable forms of populism she believes are a backlash against that.

Never a member of any political party — she has only subscribed to two “isms”, journalism and Judaism — Melanie explains in her recently published personal and political memoir “GUARDIAN ANGEL”, why she moved from left to right — and to Israel. Anti-semitism played an important part in this and Melanie Phillips comments on the disturbing rise of anti-semitism on the left (as in Corbyn’s Labour Party)

For Ms. Phillips, the horror of the second world war and the holocaust occurring in a cultured continent, did something terrible to the Western / European idea of progress, civilisation and believes the nation state unfairly got the blame for this. Herein lie the roots of so much of the loathing for the nation state among many members of the modern liberal elite.




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