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The Tube: S03 E03 – Emergency Services Carry Out Drills To Prepare For Disaster On The Underground




Just three weeks before the first terrorist attack on the Tube, London Underground carried out its annual major training exercise to test the capabilities of all the emergency services if a serious incident were to occur. The annual London underground gardening competition also takes place putting the gardening skills of the stations against each other.

For the first time in its history, London Underground has opened its doors to record the day-to-day life of its 16,500 staff who work across a network of 275 stations and 507 trains running on over 300 miles of track. Every year more than one billion people use The Tube that’s 3 million journeys a day; commuters, holiday-makers, day-trippers, businessmen and women, students, overseas visitors.

This series goes behind the scenes to tell the story of some of the dedicated and colourful characters who work for LU, doing a difficult job under often challenging and stressful circumstances.





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