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Mackenzie’s Raiders S01 E01 – Mackenzie’s Raiders



This Episode

Mackenzie’s Raiders Tv Series – Colonel Mackenzie, the commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Clark, Texas in 1873, receives secret order from President U.S. Grant to stop Mexican bandits from crossing the Rio Grande River into the U.S. or from returning to Mexico.

About Mackenzie’s Raiders:
Set at Fort Clark, Texas in the year 1873, this was the story US 4th Cavalry officer Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie (Richard Carlson) who formed a band of raiders to battle bandits and outlaws who attacked settlements along the Rio Grande river between Mexico and the US.
Mackenzie organized his raiders under a secret communiqué from President US Grant who wanted to “Bring law and order back to Texas” and “Make the border region “a fit place for Americans to live!” Soldiers interacting with Colonel Mackenzie included:
Richard Carlson as Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie
George Gilbreth as Lieutenant Tom Paxon
Craig Duncan as Sergeant Banfield
Riley Hill as Sergeant Fife
Dennis Moore as Sergeant Teal B
Charles Boaz as Corporal Dixon
Rand Brooks as Corporal Brown
Doug McClure as Corporal Adam Davis
Jim Bridges as Private Lewis
Michael Vandever as Young Trooper
Morris Ankrum as Raider
Kenneth Alton as Raider
Louis Jean Heydt as Raider
Brett King as Raider
Art Gilmore as Narrator

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