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CNA: Belly Of A Nation – #2/2 – Singapore’s next generation hawkers



Part 2 follows 2 groups of young hawkerpreneurs – a mala xiang pot trio, and a burger outfit who wants to introduce the meaning of warung into Singapore. They embark on new adventures and obstacles.

This 2-part documentary series explores the hearts and minds of Singapore’s hawkers while paying homage to the amazing dishes that they serve. Going back into the past, we trace how ethnic lines were blurred by roving hawkers and continued to integrate in the hawker centre. But over the years, against the winds of change, eating hawker food in hot and humid centres fell out of fashion. As the first generation stallholders pass on, who is going to carry their torch? We profile some of the brave and intrepid hawkerpreneurs, the new breed, who despite the odds think that they can make it and keep the hawker culture alive in Singapore.

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