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Jazz in the Night: Glenn Miller – Sunset Serenade – 22 Nov 1941 from Cafe Rouge,NY



Here is a complete Sunset Serenade broadcast from 22/11/1941. These broadcasts were a series of shows, about 1 hour long, broadcast from August 1941 until January 1942. They were Glenn’s idea to boost morale in the Armed forces who were increasing in size and then,of course, at war. The music is fantastic and as all the intros and chat between songs is there, it gives a real sense of being there. I hope all you Miller fans will enjoy.

Theme(Moonlight Serenade)
Tuxedo Junction
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Medley:- I Know Why
It Happened In Sun Valley
I’ll Guess I’ll have To Dream the Rest
Do You Care?
Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto
Everything I Love
V Hop
Moonlight Serenade(theme)
2nd Set:
in A Sentimental Mood
It’s Great to be an American
‘Til Reveille
I Don’t want to set the World on Fire
Papa Niccolini
In the Mood
Slumber Song(closing theme)


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