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Peters case: The dog that didn’t bark


The current court case instigated by Winston Peters over his pension over payments has enabled a detailed look at what Peters has said and what is stated as fact by MSD staff and other witnesses.

Tim Murphy has another excellent piece at Newsroom today following on from an earlier piece see Peters – Fact Checked


Victoria Casey QC told the High Court at Auckland in her closing submission on day seven of the case that Peters had made sweeping allegations against the State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes, the former chief executive of the MInistry of Social Development, Brendan Boyle, and the ministry itself, but had not backed them up in court.

His statement of claim for damages over the leak of information in 2017 on his seven-year, $18,000 overpayment of national superannuation claimed the officials and department had acted in bad faith, but neither Peters’ evidence in court nor his lawyer’s cross examination of witnesses had attempted to confirm that.

The now Deputy Prime Minister claimed the disclosure of the overpayment information was for the purpose of salacious gossip and made deliberately to political opponents before the election but he had not made the case for any of these central claims. “The plaintiff is required to prove his case,” Casey said.

“This case is, with respect to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the case of the dog that didn’t bark…. The silence is, with respect, resounding.”

Bruce Gray QC, closing for two former National ministers Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett, who Peters is also suing for $450,000 in the breach of privacy case, told Justice Geoffrey Venning: “We have asked ourselves: ‘why are we here’? What is this case about?” MORE AT LINK


This article needs to be read in full, but suffice it to say Winston Peters does not come out of the article very well in my opinion. In fact an unkind person might infer that Bruce Gray QC and Victoria Casey QC were damming in their analysis of Peters and his case

In many respects Peters seemed to be channeling Donald Trump.

I suggest again that if this article had been by say Greg Sargent in The Washington Post, Peters would rate Four Pinnochios

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