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Peters case: Peters accepts National ministers didn’t leak


The current court case instigated by Winston Peters over his pension over payments has enabled a detailed look at what Peters has said and what is stated as fact by MSD staff and other witnesses. Yesterday the case took another turn with statements from Brian Henry, Peters lawyer in his closing submission.

Tim Murphy has another excellent piece at Newsroom following on from two earlier pieces see Peters – Fact Checked and Peters case: The dog that didn’t bark

Winston Peters’ has accepted in the High Court that two former National ministers he had been suing for $450,000 for breaching his privacy were not the source of the leak or responsible for it.

In his closing submission today, Peters’ lawyer Brian Henry said both Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett denied in their evidence leaking information on Peters’ seven-year overpayment of superannuation – and the lawyer for the Ministry of Social Development and public servants did not challenge those denials.

“That left the MSD in the position that they now cannot avoid a finding that the breach was on MSD,” Henry said. “The plaintiff was expecting a challenge from MSD to the ministers, but the MSD has not challenged the evidence that they [the ministers] did not leak.

“That dual denial removed two of the options that the plaintiff, when it opened its case, was expecting to have examined in the court.”

That means Peters is no longer suing the National pair for damages.


This article needs to be read in full, but suffice it to say Winston Peters does not come out of the article very well in my opinion.

So despite his allegations against Bennett and Tolley, Peters who said various derogatory things about both Minsters has now accepted they did not leak the information, though he still claims they were wrong to take a briefing on the matter.

To an observer such as myself it seems that Peters is the loser in this case whatever the final judgment.





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