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Al Jazeera – Inside Story: Is NATO dying?


A different perspective


French President Emmanuel Macron raises eyebrows by describing NATO as ‘brain dead’.
NATO is experiencing brain death, says French President Emmanuel Macron.
Many of his European partners in the alliance certainly don’t agree and call his words ‘drastic and dangerous’.
In an interview with the Economist magazine, the French President blamed the U.S., saying its commitment to NATO is weakening. Macron cited the U.S.’ failure to consult it before pulling its forces out of northern Syria, and questioned whether the alliance is still committed to collective defence. And he called on Europe to think of itself as a geopolitical power and ensure it’s in control of its destiny.
Macron’s remarks come ahead of a summit in the UK early next month to mark NATO’s 70th anniversary.So is the alliance weakening?

And can Europe create an alternative?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan
John Laughland, author and consultant on International Law and a specialist on East-West relations.
Alexander Vershbow, former deputy secretary general of NATO and the former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and Russia.
Pavel Felgenhauer, defence and military analyst and columnist for Novaya Gazeta.








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