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Oh dear, some negative press for NZ and Ardern in the Guardian


Max Rashbrooke has a piece in the Guardian – A weeping sore – Jacinda Ardern must clean up New Zealand’s political donations mess – on political party funding in NZ.

Complacency can be a nation’s greatest foe.

New Zealanders, buoyed by their country’s high ranking in global transparency measures, see little to learn from other states when it comes to cleaning up politics.

This attitude has left the country with a startlingly lax political donation regime.


The scandal surrounding New Zealand First is likely to taint her by association, or at least create acres of negative headlines that distract from her achievements. And if her government’s famous pledge to be the most “open and transparent” ever is to mean anything substantial, she cannot let the donations regimes stand.

Ardern has often taken the lead on global issues, including the pushback against online hate speech. But on this she will have to follow the pack.

I did not agree with parts of the article but a number of valid points were made. However, it seemed at least in part to be a plea for State Funding.

However, the fact that it was published in the Guardian usually a fan sheet for Ardern was interesting. Though Rashbrooke was keen, it seemed to me, to suggest none of this was really down to Ardern.

If the Guardian is less than adulatory, maybe, just maybe the media are taking another look at Ardern

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