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Calling Peston: How did Corbyn respond after Chief Rabbi attacked Labour over antisemitism


November 26,2019

Labour launched its race and faith manifesto today – but the headlines have been dominated by an unprecedented intervention in an election campaign by the Chief Rabbi of Britain. Ephraim Mirvis criticised Labour’s handling of anti-Semitism, saying the party was “incompatible” with British values and the “soul of the nation” was at stake in this election. Jeremy Corbyn says anti-Semitism is “vile and wrong” and has “no place whatsoever” in the Labour Party. We get Robert’s take on the issue which has dogged Labour for the last few years and what impact it could have on the election.

What’s gone wrong with the Liberal Democrats’ campaign? Jo Swinson started the campaign pitching herself as a serious contender for Number 10, but the polls have not been moving in the right direction for her party. We catch up with our correspondent Rachel Younger who’s following the Lib Dem campaign for us and has been speaking to their leader today.

One politician not hitting the campaign trail this election is Andy Burnham. The former health minister was Labour MP for 16 years and is now Mayor of Greater Manchester. He tells us why he thinks this election is being fought on a more local basis than past ones, reveals how he’d vote in a second referendum should Labour get into power – and shares a memory from campaigning on the doorstep that’d he rather forget.





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