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Impeachment – a daily podcast: Sondland. In the Restaurant. With the Cellphone


November 19,2019

A new series from WNYC

Where are we on impeachment today?

Over the weekend, the Intelligence Committee heard closed-door testimony from Mark Sandy, a career official in the White House Office of Management and Budget, whose staff received instructions not to release approved military aid to Ukraine until “further notice.” This, ahead of the second week of public testimonies, which will feature accounts from U.S. ambassador to the E.U., Gordon Sondland, who reportedly acted as the point-man between President Trump’s orders and the career diplomats who have since raised concerns about those orders.

On today’s episode:

Nahal Toosi, foreign affairs correspondent at Politico


About Impeachment: A Daily Podcast

Impeachment brings you the day’s biggest news and breaking stories as Congress pursues an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. 

Each day, host Brian Lehrer, one of the country’s most respected journalists, explains the political and legal stakes of this historic moment. Through conversations with journalists, lawmakers and experts we, together, try to make sense of it all.

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