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The Critic – Richard Brinsley Sheridan – John Gielgud,Hywel Bennett,


Another great Restoration Comedy with a superb case see IMDb

From the Uploader

This stellar production was broadcast as Play of the Month on 23 Aug 1982. I got an avi copy of a domestic video recording via a now defunct British TV sharing site. The video quality of this denoised, color corrected, upscaled version is not very good but its way better than the source. No commercial recording is currently available so this is as good as it gets. The cast is amazing and includes the Academy of Ancient Music and some of the finest baroque singers of that era. If you like restoration / Georgian comedy you’ll love this. BTW if you know of a better video copy out there please let me know.

PLOT:, Mr. Puff, a foppish, would-be playwright-critic, invites his literary-minded associates to see a production of his horrendous and nonsensical spectacular, “The Spanish Armada”, confident that he has written a great play.

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