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White Silence: All Hell – 3/6


This story is part of White Silence, a six-part podcast series from Stuff and RNZ to mark the 40th anniversary of the Erebus disaster

About this podcast series

On November 28, 1979, an airliner took off from Auckland Airport on a sightseeing trip to Antarctica.

There were 257 people on board.  hours later everyone was dead.

Somehow, the plane had flown directly into the Erebus volcano. This was a disaster that shattered a country’s psyche.

In the decades since, grief gave way to blame, anger and recrimination. Who was responsible for so many deaths? Was there a cover-up? How could a plane just fly into a mountain?

In White Silence, Michael Wright and Katy Gosset explore why New Zealand’s deadliest disaster was also its most controversial; why a nation was incapable of moving on; and why it was captured by one famous phrase: ‘an orchestrated litany of lies’.

This episodeAll Hell

With the pilots’ reputations in tatters, a second investigation unearths appalling mistakes and a sensational new theory for what caused the crash


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