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Play For Today: Robin Redbreast (1970) – Anna Cropper



Robin Redbreast is a Play for Today (BBC) about pagan rural customs and their interaction with modern society, transmitted on 10 December 1970 on BBC1. It was directed by James MacTaggart.

After she’s dumped by her boyfriend, BBC script editor Norah Palmer (Anna Cropper) leaves her friends Jake (Julian Holloway) and Madge (Amanda Walker) in London and moves to the house that she’d bought with her boyfriend in the countryside in Southern England. Norah finds the village people strange but endearing, notably Mrs. Vigo (Freda Bamford), a busybody housekeeper; Mr. Fisher (Bernard Hepton), a historian; Mr. Wellbeloved, the butcher; and Peter, an old man who compulsively chops wood. After she discovers an infestation of mice at her house, the villagers suggest she seek out someone named Rob, who they tell her lives in the woods.MORE AT LINK

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