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Apocalypse Cow


This is the C4 documentary from radical climate change fanatic George Monbiot calling for farming to be stopped.

It is nonsensical and would be economically disastrous in many countries.

The idea that this should be considered is not only ludicrous, but irresponsible and dangerous

I suspect some NZ Greens, including perhaps James Shaw, would welcome such a move.

Makes the movie Soylent Green quite prescient.

  1. 17/01/2020 17:18

    When the health advice is to eat as our grandparents did – less processed, fewest ingredients and even in countries like NZ people can’t afford enough nutritious food, it is hard to understand how anyone could promote this nonsense.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      17/01/2020 18:44

      It is Monbiot, who in my opinion is deluded,Meryl seriously deluded



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