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Some counters to Apocalypse Cow, Veganuary,Vegans and related issues


Yesterday I posted on George Monbiot’s, to my mind, nonsensical documentary proposing the cessation of farming to save the planet. See Apocalypse Cow

This article from Dr Jacqueline Rowarth, (H/T Homepaddock) provides some useful arguments against at least part of the case put forward by Monbiot. It should be read by all. It provides useful fact based rebuttals.

Furthermore,it should be included in the resources and curriculum proposed by Shaw and Hipkins on Climate Change to be taught in NZ schools. It should,but probably will not be as it effectively debunks some of the climate cult beliefs.Remember we are talking about a subject where a fervent ‘religious ‘ belief has overtaken rational thought,facts and science.

To many Climate Cult members they foresee their future in their green paradise as equivalent to the ‘rapture ‘ fantasy which many Christian evangelicals espouse.

  1. Minsk permalink
    22/01/2020 12:36

    N2O is 298 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2, and methane 23 times more potent. A cow produces 120kg of methane per year, which is 2760kg of CO2 equivalent. One vegan’s additional N2O produces 3480kg of CO2 equivalent. That’s equivalent to 9.5kg of CO2 more per day than non-vegans. If every NZer became a vegan that would be around 45 million more tons of CO2 equivalent per day than the status quo – that’s 9 million return flights to the UK per year. There are more factors to take into account, but the takeaway for me from this story is that becoming vegan won’t stop climate change



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