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King Solomon’s Mines (2004) – #1/2 – Patrick Swayze,Alison Doody,John Standing,Roy Marsden,


Interesting cast with solid support from John Standing and Roy Marsden.


King Solomon’s Mines is a 2004 American two-part television miniseries, the fifth film adaptation of the 1885 novel of the same name by Henry Rider Haggard. Starring Patrick Swayze as Allan Quartermain (it is spelled Allan Quartermain in the credits, unlike the book, which has Allan Quatermain) and Alison Doody as Elizabeth Maitland, the film was produced by Hallmark Entertainment, and originally aired June 6, 2004 on Hallmark Channel.

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Part One

In Africa, wealthy businessman Mr Bitter is on safari with his guides, Allan Quatermain and Bruce McNabb. He wishes to kill a family of elephants but Quartermain insists otherwise. Mcnabb betrays and subdues Quatermain while the others open fire. Later, the wounded mother elephant destroys their camp and kills Bitter, dying shortly after just as Quatermain prepares to euthanise it. He whispers “sorry, girl.”

Samuel Maitland, a wealthy British explorer, writes a letter to his daughter Elizabeth, enclosing a map to the fabled mines of King Solomon. Shortly after sending the letter, he is captured by native KuaKuani tribesman. Their warlock, Twala, seeks more power and believes he can obtain it by finding the Stone of the Ancestors, an artifact hidden in Solomon’s mines.

Quatermain returns to London wishing to spend time with his son, Harry. However, Harry’s grandparents have filed for custody, declaring Quatermain an unfit parent. His lawyer tells him that, without a substantial amount of money, he cannot win the case so he goes to the bar. There, Elizabeth Maitland and Captain Good, her uncle and Bodyguard, find him and ask for his help. He refuses and they leave him her card, but once he realises who her father is he agrees to help. Quatermain finds Elizabeth being attacked by a Russian man, Sergei, whom he fends off. The pair return to Elizabeth’s hotel room to find it ransacked. Only then Elizabeth reveals that she must travel to Africa to trade the map for her father’s life.

Arriving in Africa, Quartermain enlists the help of his acquaintances, Ventvogel, Khiva, and, after a brief fight, his close friend Sir Henry Curtis. Meanwhile, three Russian men tasked with retrieving the map – Col. Ivan Fleekov, Petre and Sergei – enlist McNabb as their guide, telling him they may have to kill Quartermain to which he agrees.

Quartermain and Elizabeth come to respect one another as the journey progresses, especially after he saves her from a leopard that invades her tent one morning. When the group reach the drop-off location, however, they find their contact dead and an imposter in his place. They are ambushed by the Russians and Quartermain must make a dangerous ride through a crossfire to save miss Maitland. McNabb has a shot on Quartermain but does not take it, resulting in Petre being shot in the abdomen.

After seeking the counsel of a witch doctor the group realise they must cross the great Sahara desert. Quartermain talks to an African man who has been seen following them throughout he whole journey, and he introduces himself as Umbopa, saying he can be of help and has crossed the great desert before. They agree for him to travel with the group.

After McNabb fails to fall for a ruse involving multiple tracks, the Russians gain ground and the group apparently set up camp, but as the Russians close in on the camp it becomes apparent that it, too, is a trick and is empty. The Russians fall behind again. As they begin to catch up in the desert, Quatermain’s group find a rock formation of a cobra, which leads them to a tomb containing the key to Solomon’s mines. However, while Quartermain and the others retrieve the key, the Russians arrive, incapacitate Captain Good and kidnap Miss Maitland MORE AT LINK including cast

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