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King Solomon’s Mines (2004) – #2/2 – Patrick Swayze,Alison Doody,John Standing,Roy Marsden,


Interesting cast with solid support from John Standing and Roy Marsden.


King Solomon’s Mines is a 2004 American two-part television miniseries, the fifth film adaptation of the 1885 novel of the same name by Henry Rider Haggard. Starring Patrick Swayze as Allan Quartermain (it is spelled Allan Quartermain in the credits, unlike the book, which has Allan Quatermain) and Alison Doody as Elizabeth Maitland, the film was produced by Hallmark Entertainment, and originally aired June 6, 2004 on Hallmark Channel.

MORE AT LINK including cast

Part Two

Both groups press on through the desert making for an oasis. Petre succumbs to his injuries and dies, while both parties nearly die of thirst. After Quatermain’s party reach the oasis first, they ambush the Russians leading to a tense standoff. Elizabeth creates a distraction and escapes leading to an exchange of fire in which Ventvogel is injured and the Russians seize the map and the key.

After Umbopo leads them through the valleys on the other side of the desert and they gain ground on the Russians, the group sets a trap to retrieve the map. The trap initially succeeds, and McNabb is forced at gunpoint to drop the bag containing the map and key, as he and the Russians are driven off by gunfire. Khiva makes a run for the bag but is shot by both Sergei and Fleekov. Quatermain rescues the badly wounded Khiva while Henry and Ventvogel fatally shoot Sergei. As the firefight continues, Elizabeth tries to retrieve the map as McNabb prepares to kill her. However, Quatermain disarms McNabb and shoots him in the shoulder, then wounds the colonel. Khiva dies from his injuries and the others mourn him.

Quatermain’s group continues toward the Kuakuani village, followed by Fleekov and McNabb, who survived their injuries. After being ambushed by warriors, Umbopa reveals his true name to be Ignosi, the rightful warlock. The warriors escort the group, as well as McNabb and Fleekov who were also captured, to their village where Ignosi challenges Twala to Nomolos; a fight to the death, for the throne. Elizabeth is reunited with her father who has survived his captivity. It is revealed that Ignosi and Twala do not fight each other personally, but rather select a representative. Ignosi has chosen Quatermain.

On the morning of the fight, McNabb and Fleekov escape their bindings and search for the key as the Nomolos begins. Initially it is evenly matched but Twala’s warrior gains the upper hand and almost kills Quatermain. Quatermain manages to turn the fight around and prepares to make the killing blow, but instead he slams the axe into the ground near the warriors head as a show of mercy. Ignosi congratulates him on winning, but Twala attempts to kill him by throwing a spear. Henry sees the danger and intervenes, saving Quatermain by taking the spear himself. Quatermain tries to help but Henry dies, saying “Take good care of that lass.” Enraged, Quatermain prepares to kill Twala but Ignosi intervenes. To their surprise, the warriors all close in and murder Twala without orders.

Fleekov and McNabb find the key but are discovered by Gagool, the Kuakuani witch doctor. She kills Fleekov with magic, entrancing him and forcing him to asphyxiate, but lets McNabb go, telling him he may find what he seeks, but he will never possess it. Gagool approaches Ignosi and is allowed to remain witch doctor of the tribe after Samuel vouches for her. She presents Ignosi with the key to the mines, which he gives to Quatermain. He explains that whilstever there is interest in the mines his people will not be safe, and asks Quatermain and Elizabeth to destroy the stone of the ancestors.

The pair travel to the mines where McNabb ambushes them and engages Quatermain in a fight. He is killed after Quatermain throws him down a flight of stairs onto one of many spring loaded spears that protrude from the floor when triggered. Quatermain and Elizabeth find the stone but when they touch it the cavern seals them in. Awaiting death, Quatermain proposes to Elizabeth to which she says yes, and suddenly they remember a shaft of sunlight lancing into the mine indicating a way out. They take a ring off a statue, triggering the start of an avalanche, and begin to climb out of the mine, throwing the stone back in behind them. They barely escape as the entire mine collapses. Months later Quatermain and Elizabeth are married and live in a cottage on the savanna, with Harry living with them. MORE AT LINK including cast

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